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PC WATSON PRO V2.0 will solve the problems derived from the loss or the theft of your computer. You now have the real possibility of locating your laptop (On the proviso that they have either wireless access to the Internet or cable) and you have the PC Watson software pre-installed on the computers. Among the many important features PC WATSON PRO V2.0 will perform, the  ability to pre-select a file or folder to be automatically deleted, once an unauthorised person attempts to access your computer. The automatic file/folder deletion from your computer , which is in the hands of an unauthorised person, at the same time, your pre-selected files/folders are transmitted to our special server, which retains your files until you access the server from another computer, so can retrieve your confidential information at a later date.. You will be able to select up to 100MB, 200MB or 300MB of folders or files for eventual recovery , in the case of loss or theft. Your information will be available without additional cost for a period of 6 months.

Once you have installed PC Watson in your computer you can always request both a “Unauthorised user trace” as well as retrieve your protected confidential files. This is achieved via your personal login and password.


The PC WATSON PRO V2.0 software remains active and concealed from view of the user by running in the background. Unauthorised people will not be aware you have the feature installed. When you install the application you can select the files or folders that you want to be protected in our dedicated server and that will be erased when unauthorised access takes place. PC WATSON PRO V2.0 will perform the first back up with the current information; you will be able to select the frequency at which the backups onto our server take place. This ensures you always have a copy of your confidential information for retrieval at a time and place of your convenience. When the thief or unauthorized person connects to the Internet by means of a connection Wi-Fi, ADSL, RTC or any other one and, during a fraction of second, a code will be sent to our central server identifying the computer. Our server will immediately trace your computer via its unique I.P. address. (As for example and the date and hour of the communication.)

At the same time an instruction will be sent to your computer from our server to delete the files/folders you had previously selected as confidential. The operation of your file deletion is done secretly and quickly in the background, without the unauthorised person knowing this is taking place. Once your information is erased, the unauthorised user cannot access your files, not even by using common recovery tools. The PC Watson server will send an e-mail confirming the execution of the order of erasure. The histories of events are logged on our server, for you to access at a later date.

Under everyday use of your computer, when you access the internet, your computers unique I.P. address is logged via the I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) that you obtain your internet service from, i.e. BT, AOL, Virgin etc ,The audit trail then begins, it knows who the computer is registered to ,who pays the I.S.P. all contact information. Any unauthorised person using your computer via there owns internet account will therefore have your computer linked to their ISP account.

Note:-You must have informed and alerted your I.S.P. that your computer is missing presumed stolen so they can cancel your Internet subscription.

This then leaves the unauthorised person having to log onto the internet via his own ISP, and revealing to us his identity. When he connects to the Internet via his own I.S.P provides the identification i.e. 192.168.xx.xx. Each of these numbers provide a unique and specific set of information’s to us; a code that identifies the location, country, supplier of service, etc.

The recovered I.P. addresses and trace information will allow the owner of the computer to pass this information to his I.S.P. as well as the police and allow them to trace the user.

Cost of location services

The computer location service comes “Free of Charge” with the software package. Once the search and identification service is activated, the service will be active for six months. You will receive an email notifying you that it has detected a connection of your computer to the network. With your access code and password you will be able to verify and obtain a hard copy of the history of events surrounding your missing computer, showing the number of connections detected up to the date, with indication of the IP of connection, dates and hours. If there has been success in your computers location, you will be able to request a PC Watson Pro audit trail with the detail of all the connections detected up todate. Should your computer come to be found, if required it will be possible deactivate the order search.

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