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PC  WATSON LITE V2.0 will solve the problems which arise from the loss or the theft of computers. PC Watson Lite will locate them, providing they are equipped for access to Internet and have the software PC Watson Lite pre-installed at the same time. It has the capability of erasing the information that the user has pre-marked as being confidential and private during your PC Watson Lite set-up. Included in the price is the cost of computer location, should you ever need it...

Once you have installed PC Watson onto your computer you will then log onto our server via a secure login and password this will allow you to be identified and to advise us that your computer (laptop) has been lost or stolen... Our system will automatically start a management search to request the location of your computer and / or to arrange the erasure of the data base you had earmarked for erasure at the time of software installation and set-up... Once your request is received your instruction will be activated in our system.


The PC WATSON LITE V2.0 tool remains active and concealed from view of the user. Only you (the owner)are aware of its installation.  When you install the application, you can select the files or folders that we want to be erased in case of theft or loss. When the thief or not authorized person connects to Internet by means of a connection WIFI, ADSL, RTC , cable or other means during a fraction of second, a code will be sent to our central server identifying your computer. Our server then tracks all events based on your computers unique I.P. address. e.g.**  I.P. address we will be able to inform you of the date, hour of the activation as well as its location.

At the same time an instruction from out server will be sent to your computer  to immediately erase the files or folders you had previously tagged in the set-up procedure, for deletion in case your laptop was stolen or lost.. This will take place without the unauthorised user knowing that your confidential files are being erased.  Once erased the data base cannot be accessed by the unauthorised person by using common recovery tools. The PC Watson server will send an e-mail to you (safe third party email address, which you nominate at time of set-up) confirming your request for data base erasure.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Once your pre-selected data base is erased in PC WATSON LITE V2.0, you will NOT be able to recover this information. It is lost forever. However should you wish to recover these files in the event of disaster striking we suggest you use PC WATSON PRO V2.0, which offers the additional feature of not only deleting your sensitive files but also storing them on our secure server, for you to recover on another computer at a time convenient to you.

**When your laptop (computer) was originally set-up for internet access via an Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.). The gathers all the information about the user/subscriber name address, contact phone etc... When the unauthorised user connects to the Internet the ISP using his own internet connection, typically a number looking like 192.168.xx.xx. Each of these numbers in internationally unique to the computer service being offered by the I.S.P. and therefore identifies them to us; we then inform you of al this information so you can track down the user via the helpline of the I.S.P. in question.

It is very important that once your laptop is stolen you immediately inform the I.S.P. so they can cancel your account, otherwise, the unauthorised person will continue to use your computer using your I.S.P., and any tracking we provide will only show you as the user, not the unauthorised person.

Location Service

The location of stolen or lost laptops does not have any cost for the purchaser of PC WATSON LITE V2.0. The service will be active for six months from date of activation. You will receive an email notifying you that we have detected a connection of your computer to the internet network, even if the unauthorised person uses a different I.S.P. to access the internet with your laptop. Using your password and access code you will be able to retrieve all the information we would have gathered about when and where your laptop is being used. Once PC Watson Lite via our secure server has located your P.C. At any time, you may deactivate the search service, should you find your laptop. 

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