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Product Description:

PC WATSON BASIC V2.0 helps resolve the main issues surrounding the loss or theft of your laptop. Should you be one of the 1000 people each day who either loose of have stolen there laptop, this is the product for you. This program works silently in the background.

When you have installed the PC WATSON BASIC V2.0 software, you will have to register with us  you will be issued a code and password, for possible future use (you should keep this separate from your laptop, say on your mobile.)

Typical Scenario

You have left your laptop in a taxi, train, plane, hotel, etc, or you have your laptop stolen, either way the result is the same. You will try in vain to get your laptop returned. Until PC Watson arrived, your only option was to wait in hope that somehow it gets returned to you. Regretfully, over 1000 laptops are either mislaid or stolen in Europe every day, so you are not alone. Now with our innovative PC WATSON BASIC V2.0 software, you are no longer totally devoid of options.

Had you installed PC Watson before the catastrophe, you would now have some options open to you, which  prior to PC Watson, you did not. Whenever a computer is used on the internet it is traceable, it generates a special code, identifying Country, location, internet Service Provider (ISP), and through the ISP you can establish who has purchased the service. You then inform us of your lost/stolen laptop, tap into our server with your special code and password. With the I.P. address which we send you it is possible to track down the user, via the Internet service provider linked to the I.P. address.

In conclusion, if you want “Peace of Mind” PC WATSON BASIC V2.0 has the ability to direct the authorities to the person using your laptop. All this for a once off payment of 45,00 €.

Cost of service location

There is no initial cost for the identification service; we hold the data on our dedicated server for 6 months. You will receive an email advising you we have detected an internet connection, and giving you the information. Every time your laptop is connected it will generate a code, which we will pass on to you immediately, showing date, time, etc. You can deactivate this at any time via your access code and password.

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